The prior’s house is part of the former priory of the Rouge-Cloître, an exceptional heritage site in the Brussels Capital Region. The prior’s house, which has not been in use since 1998, was recently thoroughly restored by the Brussels Capital Region. As the new manager of the prior’s house, Rubea Vallis aims to make this last vestige of the former monastery accessible and liveable for the public through a diversified socio-cultural programme, highlighting the site’s cultural and natural assets.

On this occasion, in collaboration with the Centre d’Art du Rouge-Cloître, the Art & History Museum and, a first exhibit presents the results of the archaeological research carried out between 1997 and 2015 on the site. Confronted with the study of ancient iconography, it provides keys to the interpretation and understanding of the history and architecture. Among this iconography, the tapestry of the Month of July of the Hunts of Charles V, woven in Brussels on the basis of the drawings of court painter Bernard Van Orley (c. 1488-1541), takes a special place. An audiovisual installation invites you to discover it in all its richness. The brewery and the Prior’s gallery are now open to the public. Come discover these recently restored spaces!

Organised by Rubea Vallis within the framework of the Brussels Renaissance Festival


Address: Rue du Rouge-Cloître 7, 1160 Auderghem

Free access


The agenda with activities in the Rouge-Cloître: