The Brussels archaeological material under the microscope

The IRPA opens its doors to you for a visit! Come and meet various specialists in their laboratory to discover some secrets of Brussels’ past. Did you know that some of the finds made during the excavations at Parking 58 in the city centre were X-rayed? What did these images reveal? Do you know the different dating methods? Radiocarbon and dendrochronology provide answers to archaeologists and historians, whether they are dating a charcoal, a sculpture or a roof frame as impressive as that of the Saint Michael and Saint Gudula cathedral. Do you have any idea where the white stone from which so many buildings in Brussels were constructed came from? Did you know that it is possible to identify the raw materials of a lime mortar, and that in some cases a mortar can be dated by radiocarbon? And what about the unique expertise of the wallpaper specialists! Their Brussels inventory has shed light on the history of the interior spaces of the former Eenens-Terlinden castle in Schaerbeek. Let yourself be guided by the scientists, who will reveal some parts of your history.

Collaboration:, KIK-IRPA


Date of tour: 17/06/2022

Address: KIK-IRPA, Parc du Cinquantenaire 1, 1000 Bruxelles

Maximum 20 persons per guided tour (free, reservation necessary)

Accessible for PRM


Schedule of guided tours (Duration: 2 hours):

10.00 (FR)

13.00 (NL)