The Renommée/De Faem is a dwelling in the interior of a housing block, accessible from the Grand Place via a passageway between no. 14 and the Hard Rock Café (no. 12A). The dwelling has been archaeologically and historically documented since the late Middle Ages. At that time it formed a dwelling with at least two perpendicular wings, one of which had a cellar. This first construction, intended for residential use, was built into a block that was still open and not very well built. The situation changed radically after the bombing of 1695. The installation of a family of wholesale wine merchants (the Vander Meulens) at nos. 13-14, whose commercial activities required an increase in storage and sales space, resulted in the reconstruction of the pre-existing cellar destroyed during the bombing and the construction ex nihilo of at least two other rooms and their communication spaces, all around a central courtyard as a nodal point for distribution. The densification was to become even more pronounced in the second half of the 20th century, leading to the current situation.

Collaboration :, ULB-CReA-Patrimoine



Date of visit: 17/06/2022

Address: Grand Place 13, 1000 Brussels

Maximum 15 persons per guided tour (free, to be reserved)

Not accessible for PRM


Schedule of guided tours (duration: 30 min.) :

Attention: Guided tours only in French.

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