Prior to the restoration of the buildings and the site, Brussels archaeologists have been interested in the Priory of Rouge-Cloître for some thirty years. You will discover its medieval heritage through the many remains still present on the site. From the laying of the first stone of the church in 1381, to the reconstruction of its choir between 1511 and 1520, a monumental complex, endorsed by the Duchess Jeanne de Brabant, was built on this site on the edge of the Sonian forest. The recently restored Prior’s House – the former eastern wing of the cloister that probably housed the scriptorium frequented by the painter Hugo van der Goes – is the highlight of this visit. Within its walls, the archaeologists will explain their discoveries based on the study of the medieval roof and dendrochronological analysis (a wood-dating technique that uses the growth rate of the annual rings of trees).

Collaboration:, Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître / Kunstencentrum Roodklooster, Royal Museums for Art and History, Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium / Institut royal du Patrimoine artistique


Date of tour: 19/06/2022

Address: Rood Klooster / Rouge-Cloître, Rue du Rouge-Cloître / Rokloosterstraat 4, 1160 Brussels

Meeting Point: in front of the Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître / Kunstencentrum Roodklooster

Maximum 20 persons per guided tour (free, to be reserved)

Accessible for PRM only on ground floor


Schedule of guided tours :

Attention: guided tours only in French

Duration: 1h15

10.00 (FR)

10.45 (FR)

11.30 (FR)

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15.00 (FR)