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The history of the La Cambre Abbey through a building archaeological lens

Although it appears to be homogeneous, the building of the La Cambre Abbey is nevertheless the result of changes and transformations carried out over the centuries by its occupants. Although its general history is widely commented on in the literature, the building itself is a primary source for understanding the site. Archaeological observation allows us to glean here and there a series of clues linked to the chronology, the materials and their use, and the subsequent transformations… It is through these small details that certain keys to understanding this monumental heritage are revealed. As we move around the heart of this complex, we will stop at various elements in order to give meaning to the monastic landscape of La Cambre.

Collaboration Urban – Royal Museums of Art and History


Date of Tour: 17/06/2023

Address: La Cambre Abbey, 1050 Ixelles

Meeting point: at the center of the court of honor of La Cambre Abbey

Maximum 25 persons per guided tour (free, reservation compulsory)

Accessible for PRM


Schedule of guided tours (Duration: 1 h):

Attention: guided tours only in French

9:30 (FR)

11:00 (FR)

14:00 (FR)