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The cellar of the abbot’s house of the Abbey of Dieleghem or the ‘game of seven errors’. How building archaeology reveals the history of a difficult building site.

The cellars of the former abbot’s house of the abbey of Dieleghem, Jette, reveal the background to the construction and organisation of a prestigious building from the end of the 18th century. The construction of the building took place over a period of more than 20 years, between 1783 and 1794-1795. The archaeological analysis of the masonry preserved in the cellar shows anomalies and changes in the programme, in other words, “errors” that make it possible to understand a difficult construction site and a schedule under pressure. These ‘mistakes’, which the public is invited to discover during the visit, reveal more than just the details of the great history of a Brabant abbey at the end of the 18th century.

Collaboration Urban – Université libre de Bruxelles


Dates of visit: Friday 16/06/2023 & Saturday 17/06/2023

Address: Abbaye of Dieleghem – Abdij van Dielegem, rue Jean Tiebackxstraat 14, 1090 Jette

Maximum 15 persons per guided tour (free, reservation compulsary)

Accessible for PRM with assistance (straight stairs, no lift)


Schedule of guided tours (duration: 45 min):

Attention: Tours only in French

Friday 16/06/2023

13:00 (FR)

14:00 (FR)

15:00 (FR)

16:00 (FR)

17:00 (FR)

Saturday 17/06/2023

10:00 (FR)

11:00 (FR)

13:30 (FR)

14:30 (FR)

15:30 (FR)

16:30 (FR)